Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Contracts, policies and procedures are an essential framework on which employment relationships should be founded.

As an employer, not only do you have an obligation to provide written particulars of employment (within two months of an employee commencing employment), but a formal contract of employment supplemented by policies and procedures gives you the necessary contractual tools to protect your business interests.

In the absence of a formal written document, the contract of employment is defined by terms implied by statute (for example, a cap on weekly working hours) or by custom and practice (for example, bonus payments) and, in such circumstances you will inevitably be exposed as an employer, particularly with regard to remuneration and at the point the employment relationship comes to an end.

We can provide the following services:

  • Drafting contracts for all types of staff
    • Director Service Agreements
    • Senior Employees
    • Full time employees
    • Part time employees
    • Agency workers
    • Temporary employees
    • Casual employees
    • Consultancy Agreements
    • Contractors
  • Drafting policies, procedures and handbooks
  • Drafting and advising on bonus schemes
  • Advising on other contractual terms relating to remuneration (i.e. share schemes, pension schemes)
  • Auditing existing contracts of employment, policies, procedures and handbooks
  • Implementing a programme of policy and contractual changes
  • Advising on contractual disputes/breach of contract claims
  • Drafting post termination restrictive covenants

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The information given on our service pages or in any e-fact sheet is for information and general guidance only, and should not be treated as a definitive guide or be regarded as legal advice. Should you require further information about any employment matter, you should take independent legal advice. This information on Contracts, Policies and Procedures is correct as of September 2013.